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Who is Synergy Safety Solutions?

At Synergy Safety Solutions, we understand that ensuring the safety and well-being of your employees is of the utmost importance. With nearly two decades of experience in health and safety, I had the honour of winning a global safety award a business professional of the year award and a Certified Chartered OHS Professional with Australian Institute of Health & Safety.

Having worked within various industries, including an appointed Inspector with Workplace health and Safety Qld (Regulator), construction, mining & small business, we are committed in assisting organisations in meeting their obligations of providing a safe and healthy workplace.

Synergy Safety Solutions takes a holistic approach to managing safety and acknowledging compliance with Health & Safety legislation is only a part of the equation. Not only can be help you achieve regulatory compliance but also focus on developing a system that is not just paper based but shows what happens on site while creating a proactive safety culture within your organisation.

Safety Solutions

Synergy Safety Solutions understands that each business is unique, with its own set of operations and associated risks. That’s why we offer personalised health and safety solutions designed to cover your business’s specific risk profile. From compliance to effective hazard mitigations, we have the expertise to provide comprehensive safety solutions tailored to your business.

Our comprehensive services encompass a range of areas, including facilitation of a range of risk assessments, safety audits, system development, inspections, mentoring, coaching and ongoing support. 

Partnering with Synergy Safety Solutions means prioritising the well-being of your employees and meeting your obligation of care as an employer. Our goal is to help you create a workplace where safety is never compromised and is an embedded culture of everyone who works in your business.

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We believe in a collaborative approach to consulting, where we work closely with our clients to understand their needs and develop solutions together. Our goal is to build long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Start the conversation today by reaching out to Synergy Safety Solutions. Let us explore how our expertise can help safeguard your business, protect your employees, and bring you peach of mind. Together, we can build a workplace where safety is paramount. 

‘Unlocking a safer tomorrow together’.

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Synergy Safety Solutions Partners with Wellcorp Health and Wellness

Synergy Safety Solutions is proud to announce our strategic partnership with Wellcorp Health and Wellness, a leading provider in health and wellness solutions dedicated to enhancing the overall well-being of individuals and organisations. This collaboration aims to provide a comprehensive suite of services that address the holistic health needs of our clients, with a specific focus on compliance and managing psychosocial hazards and risks.

About Wellcorp Health and Wellness 
Wellcorp Health and Wellness specialises in a wide range of services designed to improve the physical and mental health of employees, fostering a healthier, more productive workforce. Their services include personalised health assessments, wellness programs, and mental health support, all tailored to meet the unique needs of their clients. Wellcorp’s commitment to delivering high-quality health and wellness solutions aligns perfectly with our mission at Synergy Safety Solutions.

Wellcorp’ Professionals are:

  • Extensive Experience Across Multiple Sites
  • High Level of Professionalism
  • Tour and Site Ready, Career Coaches
  • Flexible, Problem Solvers
  • Highly trained and qualified in their field
  • Experience production-focused people

How Synergy Safety Solutions Complements Wellcorp At Synergy Safety Solutions, we are dedicated to assisting businesses in meeting their health and safety obligations. Our expertise in workplace safety compliance, particularly in managing psychosocial hazards and risks, ensures that our clients not only comply with regulatory requirements but also create a safe and supportive work environment. By integrating our safety compliance services with Wellcorp’s health and wellness programs, we offer a holistic approach to workplace well-being.

Key Benefits of Our Partnership
  • Enhanced Compliance: Together, we provide comprehensive solutions that help businesses stay compliant with health and safety regulations, particularly in addressing psychosocial risks such as workplace stress, harassment, and bullying.
  • Holistic Health Approach: Combining Wellcorp’s wellness expertise with our safety solutions ensures that all aspects of employee well-being are addressed, from physical health to mental health and safety.
  • Tailored Solutions: Our partnership allows us to offer customised programs that meet the specific needs of each client, ensuring a personalised approach to health and safety.
  • Improved Employee Well-being: By addressing both health and safety, we help businesses create a more supportive and productive work environment, leading to increased employee satisfaction and retention.
Together, Synergy Safety Solutions and Wellcorp Health and Wellness are committed to building healthier, safer workplaces for all.


It has been my privilege to know Kristine through many years of her journey as a safety and leadership professional. Kristine's dedication and passion for others is embodied in the work she now does an experienced safety consultant. Watching Kristine transition her life experience in the scaffolding industry through her professional safety studies into rolls as varied as safety consulting and regulatory inspector, it has been a privilege to be a part of her inspirational journey.
Allison Temple
Safety Enhancement Project Lead
Kris stepped into her role during a critical phase of the project, encountering a challenge that demanded swift action and robust leadership with minimal prior guidance. Despite these initial obstacles Kris quickly had an improvement plan in place. She demonstrated a keen ability to prioritise essential tasks, setting our exploration team up for success.
Lance Keys
Principal Safety Health & Security